Birthday Parties in the MK&G

A whole different birthday party! The MK&G offers exciting and inspiring experiences for children and teens between 7 and 16 years. A birthday party with us lasts three hours and costs 155 Euro (Sundays and public holidays 10 euros additionally). Registration via Museumsdienst Hamburg.


You know them for sure! Self-made animated-movie-adventures with LEGO-bricks reached already cult status. Why? Because these unbreakable blocks with the famous knops are perfectly suitable for that! Inspired through what you find in the exhibitions, you make your stories come to life with the help of LEGO-bricks and iPad. For a maximum of 12 children, from 8-12 years years.

Cartoon-laboratory - We like to move it!

In this workshop you will create your own short movie clip! You will find inspiration through the fashion collection, the design exhibition or from the Samurai. With the aid of stop-motion-techniques you can make almost anything you find in the design laboratory or bring from home come to life. For a maximum of 9 teens, from the age of 13.

A crazy place - the Hubertus Wald Kids' World

Animate shadows to dance, make letters move, let stones fly! Impossible? In the Hubertus Wald Kids' World everything goes! In front of the glass wall you can play shadow theater, at the cartoon table everything moves and under the from-above-camera anything can fly, what gravity normally holds on the ground. For a maximum of 12 children, from the age of 8.

IT's all in FLOW In the ROcOcO? OH!

A voyage to the time of Mozart leads you to the courts of the 18th century: You dress up in splendid garments with crinoline dresses and corsages, you put on exquisite make-up and dress your hair according to the fashion of the time. You will experience the beauty ideals of the epoch and find out how clothes make the man! For a maximum of 10 children, age 10-12.

Beauties and the beasts

Fascinating mythical creatures, cute animals and frightening monsters await you on pictures or as figures in the museum to be discovered and to tell their fairy tales and stories. You take your inspiration to the workshop and design masks from paper and other material.
 For a maximum of 12 children, from the age of 7.

Queens aND knights

You awake from a 600-year sleep - as King or Queen. The middle ages are long over and your castle vanished into thin air. Someone enchanted you, ripped you out of the coronation ceremony and put you into a long sleep. Now you have to complete the festivities with meat and drink and your guests. For a maximum of 12 children, from 7-10 years.


For one afternoon you'll breath catwalk air! From the museum fund you can chose from clothing, hats and accessories in the style of past centuries and foreign countries. With matching make-up you present your outfits in a small fashion show. 
For a maximum of 12 children, from 9-12 years.

Magical Museum School

The magic museum school is a very special education facility! You will be transformed - into magicians and witches with special costumes. You have to face extraordinary challenges: Depending on the subject you will need to solve tricky riddles, mix a potion or create a magical amulet. For a maximum of 12 children, from the age of 8-12.

The tone makes the music!

Who gives instruments their names? How are they built and do they produce sound? In the museum you will meet exciting sounding bodies, in our instrument-invention-workshop you will build extraordinary instruments and give your creations creative names. For a maximum of 12 children, from 7-12 years.


Ill.: MKG-offer „Mask-Crafting-Birthday. Beauties and the Beasts“, Mask: Renate Subei, Foto: Lisa Notzke © MKG, 2015