Tours for Adults

The Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg offers adults guided tours through the exhibitions. The bookable tours focus on cultural-history aspects. Key aspects can be decided on individually. Registration via Museumsdienst Hamburg.

The Ancient World. The Way to an Organized Society

The Egyptians develop a political system – in close connection to the Nile's tides and their religious customs. The Greek generate the citizen – with rights and duties for the community. Alexander the Great establishes the first Empire and creates the requirements for a global trade network.

World religions. Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam

The collection documents differences and mutual inspiration of four world religions. Revealing is the analysis of such terms as „paradise“ and of the meaning of water in the different religious customs.

Modern Age. Transfer of goods and knowledge between East and West

In the renaissance men perceive themselves as individuals. Artists and scientists concern themselves with the curiosity of everything human. Adventurers and seafaring men explore new worlds beyond the known borders. Trade also pushes cultural exchange.

Courtly worlds. centres of power of the 16th to the 18th century from Europe to Asia

Under the rulers in Europe, China and Japan craftsmanship and trade with high-quality products blossom. Especially porcelain, also known as white gold, is by the time a good much asked for.

Historical music instruments. Melodious history

Music cultures builds bridges from the Italian harpsichord of the renaissance to the modern grand piano. The instruments provide information about technical developments. Thanks to our for-free apps music history comes to life.

Industrialisation. The emancipated citizen and the machine age

On the world fairs nations present technical novelties for the emerging middle classes. It is the time of technical progresses: in photography the daguerreotype is invented and the Thonet factory produces chairs after the IKEA-principle: demountable in single parts and easily transportable overseas.

Art Nouveau. Men in Accord with nature and themselves

Many, especially artists, perceived the age of industrialization as dehumanizing. They demanded reforms in many areas of life: in the manufacture of products, in nutrition, in education, in health. Nature is incitement and paradigm for this new lifestyle.

Modernity. Between Expressionism and social realism

After the First World War some creatives go on quest of nativeness. Others in turn handle their traumatizing experiences through expressive dances. And yet others dedicate themselves to a reduction, which is reflected in the principles and concepts of the Bauhaus.

Design after 45. Questions of the present

In the 1950s designers try out new materials: synthetics, fiberglas and ply wood find their way into the product world and change it effectively. The borders between design and art blur together. An open storage shows this development. Conceptual rooms discuss topics like sustainability, subversion, branding and technical innovation.

Model-interior: From the farmhouse room to the Spiegel-canteen

Experience living culture of various epochs: Thirteen completely arranged interiors invite you to an expedition through the centuries. The baroque farmhouse room is evidence of wealth through trade with the Netherlands, the legendary SPIEGEL-canteen is a psychedelic work of art. The free Audio-Tour-App „In the Wake of Time“ enable you to travel through time.


Ill.: MKG-program „Design after 45. Present Day Questions“, photo: Lisa Notzke © MKG, 2014