Our programme for children and families

Children and families will find exciting offers in our programme and masses of themes to do with the collections in the MKG for games to play and things to marvel at and discover. We will be happy to answer your questions and make concrete offers.

Hubertus Wald Kids’ World

A fantasy world, a Garden of Things, where kids can learn in a hands-on way and play through specially conceived scenarios to bring home to them how many different ways there are to design and make things. This is where they can experience for themselves what odd and quirky results the imagination of designers in clothes, furniture, typology or appliances can produce.  In this magical world stretching over 250 square metres, kids from 5 to 12 can try their hand at being designers, architects or artists. They can shape things, invent and build things, take photographs and make cartoon films, dress up or play with shadows. Grown-ups interested in design can also discover unusual and innovative things in our hands-on area, watched over by helpful attendants.

Tour for little ones with company

Explore our tour for children and adults: A little owl is bored and wants to be entertained. She is looking for kindred spirits who accompany her on a journey to Ancient Egypt, Greece, the Roman Empire, Middle Ages, Cabinets of Curiosities and Modern History. The booklet contains various creative games and funny quests. It is provided at the ticket counter for free. Download the PDF version (the booklet is only available in German).



Image: Hubertus Wald Kids’ World in the MK&G, Photo: Henning Rogge

Free entry for children up to age 17!


The Hubertus Wald Kids’ World is open on weekends, during the Hamburg school holidays and on public holidays from 10 am - 6 pm. Visits to the Hubertus Wald Kids’ World for groups are possible Tue-Fri (except during school holidays). Please register with the Museum Service Hamburg.