Tours for Elementary School Groups

The Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg offers elementary school groups guided tours through the exhibitions. The bookable tours focus on cultural-history aspects and can a practical part can be added. Key aspects can be decided on individually. Registration via Museumsdienst Hamburg.


Does the color gold symbolize God? What comes after death? Is there paradise? Such questions will be discussed through chosen objects from the collection. The focus lies in the different religious believes in various cultural circles and how they influence everyday life.

Old and new heroes. SAMURAI VS. Knights

How do we define the code of honor? What is warrior nobility? Why are we still today fascinated by Japanese martial arts? And what differentiates a Samurai from a European knight? These and other questions and comparisons will be illustrated during the guided tour.


Nature plays a major role in the everyday life of the Egyptians, as it nurtures them with all necessities. In Greece, sport serves as a preparation for the case of emergency – war. We are focusing on central societal developments and their effects till today.

Middle Ages: Faith and Science

In the early Middle Ages Christianity conquers Europe. In order to spread the believe, the church uses pictures, sculptures and illumination. The Calif of Baghdad’s Muslim court is a meeting point for the world’s scholars, who aim to preserve and enhance the knowledge of the Greeks and Romans.

Modern Age. Cabinets of Curiosities

In the 15th century voyagers and adventurers sail to new shores. They discover new continents and bring back treasures that Sovereigns collect in their cabinet of curiosities. New materials are also meant to enhance the intellectual horizon.

Garden of things. A crazy world for young explorers

The world is upside-down, the tables hangs from the ceiling, shadows come to life, children jump over houses and carry heavy tones in the blink of an eye. In the Hubertus Wald Kids’ World nothing is as it seems. Which is why: Look at the world with new eyes!


Ill.: MKG-program „Middle Ages: Faith and Science“, Illustration: Verena Braun © MKG, 2015