Preserving things for posterity

Preserving things – the restoration and long-term conservation of works of art for posterity – is one of the four central functions of a museum. The 500.000 or so art objects of different kinds made of diverse materials require care and maintenance from specialized experts. Our conservation team covers a spectrum spanning two- and three-dimensional works of the fine and applied arts from every cultural sphere worldwide from the Ancient World up to the present day.


Besides restoring the works of art and carrying out the accompanying research and documentation, conservators also monitor the climatic conditions and lighting in the exhibition rooms and storerooms and define the conditions under which the individual works can be presented und stored so that the materials and surfaces are optimally conserved. They decide whether a work of art can be allowed to travel on loan to another museum, draw up condition reports on the objects in the permanent exhibitions and carry out regular checks. Their expertise is also called upon when collectors ask for advice and when new works are to be acquired.