Book Art

The Book Art Collection, which has been continuously cultivated since the museum was founded, contains, in addition to some precious manuscripts and family books, above all works of book printing in its entire historical development, starting with incunabula, historical prints of the following centuries (mostly with elaborate illustrations), Bibles and hymnals, almanacs and calendars, emblemata and scribe's books, up to modern press prints. Today, the Book Art Collection comprises several thousand works and can be described as a kind of cross-sectional collection, ranging from incunabula to modern artist's books and taking into account the diverse aspects of book design and book art: Design of type and typography, book illustration, artistic mostly handmade book bindings, the modern painter's and artist's book. The collection thus exemplifies a broad spectrum of diverse styles and concepts.

The entire holdings of the Book Art Collection are recorded together with those of the Museum Library in the electronic library catalogue as part of the Common Library Network (GBV). In addition, a presentation in the object database MK&G Collection Online is being sought.


The holdings of the Book Art Collection can be consulted by appointment in the reading room of the Museum Library during opening hours.

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Image: Kelmscott Chaucer, Kelmscott Press, 1896, MK&G