Digital Strategy

The Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg (MKG) already offers numerous digital enhancements that reach out to viewers and accompany them at every station of their “visitor experience,” i.e. before, during, and after their digital or analogue museum visit. However, an overarching vision is still needed. For this purpose, the MKG has developed a Digital Strategy with a view to finding answers to the following key questions: How can we remain relevant in the digital age as an institution with an educational mandate? How can our services meet the changing needs of a digital society? How can we continue to convey cultural heritage and cultural identity and reach even more people through digital offerings? And what social impact will these measures have?

The Digital Strategy will form the strategic framework for the digital evolution of the MKG over the next two years. It is designed to provide guidance for internal developments, define the public position of the museum, and set out initial measures to be taken. The strategy paper is a “living document” that formulates an overarching vision and will continually evolve.

The MKG was founded to inspire people with examples of human creativity and to share the associated knowledge with as many people as possible. The targeted digital measures will carry our founding mandate forward into the digital age. We understand “digital strategy” here as an integrated approach that affects many areas and develops both digital and analogue aspects hand in hand.

Click here to download the full document (pdf)

Photo: Friederike Fankhänel